Why Won’t My Garage Door Close? 7 Reasons & Fixes

We’ve all been there – in a hurry with bags and coffee, trying to close the garage door, but it just won’t budge. It’s frustrating, and you’re left wondering, “Why won’t my garage door close?” No worries; you’re not alone.

Your garage door might be acting up because of things like objects blocking the sensors, the remote not working, or issues with the tracks and rollers. 

In this blog, we’ll break down these common problems and give you straightforward solutions to get your stubborn garage door back on track.

Let’s get started.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close? Reasons and Fixes

Having a garage door that won’t close can be a real problem, especially when it’s cold outside. But the good news is there are common reasons for this issue, and most of them can be fixed easily. 

Let’s go through these problems step by step in simple terms and explain how you can solve them, addressing the question, “Why is my garage door not closing?”

Garagе Door Sеnsor Misalignmеnt

Think of your garage door having two small gadgets on each side, close to the ground. These work like its eyes, talking to each other. If something is in their way, your garage door won’t close.

 | Why Won't My Garage Door Close? 7 Reasons & Fixes

Solution: Check these sensors – they usually look like small boxes. Sometimes, they get bumped and aren’t facing each other correctly. Adjust them until the tiny lights on both sensors are steady, not blinking. Doing this should make your door close like it’s supposed to.

Blocked Path

If there’s something in the way, your garage door won’t go down. It could be a toy, a tool, or even random stuff.

Solution: Take a look where your door comes down. Make sure there’s nothing in the way. If you see anything, just move it out of there. Your door should work fine after that.

Broken Springs or Cables

Sometimes, the springs or cables that help your garage door move can break. When that happens, it can throw everything off balance, and as a result, your garage door will not close.

Solution: This is where you need a professional. Call a garage door expert to check things out. Fixing or replacing those springs and cables isn’t safe for DIY. Let them handle it.

Weather Issues

Your garage door won’t shut in cold weather and can get stiff and stubborn.

Solution: Give your door a little warming hug by using a silicone-based lubricant on its moving parts. If it’s super cold, consider getting a garage heater to keep things cozy in there.

Manually Lockеd Door

Every now and then, you might accidentally lock your garage door without even noticing it. When it’s locked, it won’t close on its own.

 | Why Won't My Garage Door Close? 7 Reasons & Fixes

Solution: Just take a quick look to see if you’ve locked it manually, and if you have, unlock it. It’s an easy fix when your garage door isn’t closing.

Electrical Issues

Your garage door opener needs electricity to work, and if something goes wrong with it, the door won’t close.

Solution: First, check if your opener is plugged in and make sure the circuit breaker isn’t turned off. If you think there’s an electrical problem, it’s a good idea to get help from an electrician who knows how to fix it.

Remote Control Issue

If your remote control for the garage door isn’t working properly, it can also prevent the door from closing.

Solution: Check if the batteries in your remote are working. If not, put in some fresh ones. You might also need to re-program the remote to work with your door opener.

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Tips to Prevent Garage Door Closing Issues

Here’s a breakdown of the tips to help prevent your garage door from not closing:

Regular Inspections

Make it a habit to check the sensors, tracks, and rollers on your garage door regularly. Look for any signs of damage or wear, like cracks, dents, or things that seem out of place. This helps you catch problems early before they become big issues.

Lubricate the Tracks

Picture the tracks as the “runway” for your garage door. Over time, they might get a bit sticky.

 | Why Won't My Garage Door Close? 7 Reasons & Fixes

To make sure things go smoothly, put some silicone lubricant on the tracks every few months (don’t use WD-40 or grease as they attract dirt). It’s like giving your door a little slide-and-glide so it can easily open and close.

Clear the Path

Before your garage door closes, it needs a clear path. Sometimes, things like tools, toys, or boxes can get in the way. Check the area where the door moves and remove any obstacles. This makes sure that nothing stops it from closing safely.

Keep an Eye on the Weight

Your garage door has a limit. Avoid putting too much heavy stuff on it. If you hang really heavy things or try to push the door down hard when it’s stuck, it can stress the mechanics and lead to issues. Treat it gently, and it will last longer.

Preparing for Cold Weather

Your garage door won’t close in cold weather. Here’s a trick: use a hairdryer to warm up the tracks before you open or close the door. This thaws out any ice or frost, making it work better in the cold.

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Wrapping Up

To solve the puzzle of “Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?” it’s crucial to understand common issues. This blog has made it simple, explaining why a garage door might act stubborn – from sensor problems to electrical glitches. Regular checks and easy maintenance, like clearing paths and putting some oil on tracks, can avoid many problems. So, the next time your garage door hesitates, armed with these practical tips, you can confidently figure things out. 


When should I call a professional if my garage door won’t close all the way manually?

If your garage door won’t close completely by hand, it’s best to call a professional. There might be hidden problems that need expert attention.

What is the best way to fix the garage ASAP?

To swiftly fix your garage, make sure nothing is blocking the sensors, clear the path from any obstacles, and check if the remote or keypad works. If problems continue, get help from a professional for a quick solution.

My garage door is stuck in the up position. What should I do now?

If your garage door is stuck in the up position, first, look for anything blocking the tracks and make sure the springs or cables aren’t broken. If it still won’t close, get help from a professional to check and fix the problem thoroughly.

Are there security risks if my garage door closes on its own?

Certainly, a broken garage door can be risky for security. Quickly fix the problem to stop anyone from getting in without permission.

Can I attempt DIY fixes for a garage door that blinks and won’t close?

Simple checks like making sure the sensors are in line are fine. But, if the problem keeps happening, it’s safer to get help from a professional who can thoroughly check and fix it.

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